Fresh and locally made pizza in Stamford

At Hope Pizza, we use fresh ingredients and a number of local items in our recipes to give you top quality food and service. Check out our options below and pick out an item from our menu (hint, we're very well known for our Greek specialties). Order your pizza by phone at 203-325-0660 or visit our restaurant at 230 Hope Street and try a slice today! 


We serve most of your classic starters: Buffalo wings, chicken fingers and fried calamari are our favorites. And let’s not forget our homemade Greek Avgolemono (egg & lemon) chicken soup as great way to start any meal!


For those of you who don’t know, we make the best salads around. We start with fresh produce delivered daily. Our salads are a mix of iceberg and romaine lettuce, tossed with cucumbers, green peppers, radishes, onions and tomatoes. You can add a variety of meats or cheeses. All of our salads are topped with your choice of our famous house dressing, creamy blue cheese or ranch. May we suggest the tossed salad with chicken Souvlaki?


Spaghetti, linguini or penne are your choices. Enjoy it with our homemade meatballs or meat sauce, chicken parm, Eggplant parm or other classic choices. For the more health conscious, have it with grilled chicken or broccoli garlic and olive oil. Better yet, combine them. We also serve baked ziti, ravioli and meat or eggplant lasagna.


Our pizza has not changed since the day we opened. The dough is made fresh, in house daily. It is never frozen. We make a Greek style pizza which has a slightly thicker crust. Our pizzas are pan baked which give them a golden brown crunchy crust. They can be loaded with any of our over 30 toppings and our blend of mozzarella and white cheddar cheeses. We make white pizza and a thin crust pizza can be made upon request. We have a small 10” and large 16”. We also make calzones. We take one of our small or large pizzas and add ricotta or mozzarella cheese and anything else you want on it, fold it in half and bake.
Hope Pizza Restaurant where fresh pizza is made in the location of Stamford, CT


We’ve got ¼ pounders, ½ pounders, veggie burgers and turkey burgers. Order the deluxe and you get the burger served with all the trimmings and French fries.

Triple deckers

Just another name for a club sandwich. 3 pieces of toast with your choice of meat layered with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. All triple deckers are served with French fries.

Steaks and chicken

We’re not just pizza and salad. We offer a 12oz rib eye, open steak sandwich or chopped steak. We have a 4 piece fried chicken with French fries or my personal favorite, the grilled chicken breast dinner. Two giant chicken breast, marinated for at least 3 days, grilled perfectly and served with your choice of French fries, rice, spinach or broccoli, be sure to give it a try.


We don’t have a huge desert selection, but they are all good. Our chocolate mousse cake is really good, and many people consider our homemade rice pudding some of the best they’ve ever had.

Grinders and sandwiches

We use 10” long grinders baked fresh daily from a local bakery. We offer hot and cold sandwiches. Personal favorites are the chicken parm, meatball parm and steak with cheese and grilled onions. They are great as they are, but ask for them on garlic bread and they become special. Our cold sandwiches are as good as you’ll find anywhere else. We use Boar’s Head brand cold cuts.


We offer a variety of fried seafood. Go for the fisherman’s platter and you get a sampling of almost all of them.

Greek specialties

Everything here is made fresh in house. The shish kebob, Chicken kebob and Mousaka can all easily serve 2. The Spanakopita (spinach pie) is spinach, feta cheese and fresh dill rolled up in phyllo dough and then baked golden brown. Next, our top sellers: Chicken and Pork Souvlaki; fresh cut chunks of chicken or pork marinated for 3 days which are then grilled and served on a pita bread with our perfectly balanced tzatziki (yogurt garlic and cucumber sauce). Order the platter and get the above served with French fries and a Greek salad.
Hope Pizza Restaurant's kitchen where fresh pizza is made in the location of Stamford, CT
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